Medical Marijuana Caregiver Laws

AZ Medical Marijuana Caregiver Laws

Sunflower Meds medical marijuana dispensary has provided the following guide to Medical Marijuana Caregiver Laws in Arizona to potential caregivers wishing to enroll in the AZ Medical Marijuana Program. It should also be noted that Arizona state law specifies that only a qualifying patient can submit an application designating an individual as the qualifying patient’s designated caregiver. While often assumed as the other way around, caregivers should be aware of the strict rules and regulations surrounding qualifying patients and their role in the caregiver online application process.

The Arizona Department of Health Services gives the Designated Caregiver an option of completing an online application. As a caregiver, you must have been designated as a caregiver by the qualifying patient you are assisting. The patient must have already completed the online application and been approved by ADHS before you can apply through the ADHS online system. Prior to attempting to complete the online application, you are strongly encouraged to access and refer to the application checklist and Medical Marijuana Caregiver Laws of the AZDH website .  As a caregiver, you must also submit fingerprints to ADHS.  Please access the Applicant Fingerprint Instructions on the AZDH website for more information.  These documents will assist you in completing the application process.  If you are a custodial parent or legal guardian caregiver, please see the Patients Under 18 page on the AZDH website .

IMPORTANT: To complete the application, you must have specific documents and other items in a digital format ready for upload. Please review the application checklist and instructions before beginning the online application process.

 Caregiver Requirements

A qualifying patient may apply for a designated caregiver only if he or she is able to meet the requirements outlined by Arizona State Law. The requirements for a designated caregiver include  but are not limited to:

  • Individual must be at least 21 years of age
  • Agree to assist the qualifying patient in the medical use of marijuana
  • Must have not been convicted of an excluded felony offense
  • An individual may be a designated caregiver for no more than five qualifying patients.
  • A designated caregiver does not have to be a home health aide or other professional caregiver

For more caregiver resources for interested applicants hoping to apply for caregiver certification under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, please call Sunflower Meds Medical Marijuana dispensary today or visit the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program FAQs homepage.

Medical Marijuana Caregiver Laws