Marijuana Edibles


The 10 Commandments of Marijuana Edibles Safety

If you are a Marijuana Edibles rookie, Follow these tips to help you have a good experience your first and every time.
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Please shop our large selection of Marijuana Edibles on our Cannabis Menu.  All items on our menu are available in our Phoenix dispensary for purchase.
Quality First!
Sunflower Meds carries only high quality, lab tested products by Aromatic Kitchens, Cornucopia, Pure Bliss, Elevated Care, Uncle Herbs & YiLo.  All the edible products we carry in our dispensary are made with the highest quality medical marijuana.  We are always looking for great medicated edibles to add to our selection!

Sunflower Meds Marijuana Edibles - Made with Quality Medical Cannabis

  • Cannabis Brownies
  • Cannabis Drinks
  • Cannabis Candies
  • Cannabis Chocolates
  • Cannabis Cookies
  • Cannabis Caramel Corn
  • Cannabis Ice Pops
  • Cannabis Honey Sticks
  • Cannabis Coconut Oil
  • Canna Butter
  • More!




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