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10 Reasons Your Grandparents Should Use Pot

Despite the stereotype of marijuana users as burned-out teens munching on Doritos, today, the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is actually baby boomers and senior citizens. This increase of use is for good reason—cannabis has proven itself to be a powerful weapon against the ravages of age. Everything from prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, relief from chronic pain, cancer prevention

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Cannabis Treatment for Brain Cancer

Cannabis Treatment for Brain Cancer may become a more main-stream reality soon A team of researchers in London from St. George’s University have been studying possible cannabis treatment for brain cancer and have observed dramatic reductions in tumor masses!  Marijuana Dispensaries like Sunflower Meds see many cancer patients every week who are currently using medical cannabis to treat their cancer

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Marijuana for Cancer?

Marijuana for Cancer - learn more at Sunflower Meds.

Marijuana for Cancer Back in 1975, researchers started to find that cannabinoids slowed down the growth of a lung cancer cell in test animals (mice). Subsequent research and lab experiments using marijuana for cancer have given cues that cannabis can also fight tumor cells from brain cancer, thyroid cancer¸ leukemia/lymphoma, skin cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer. Q I

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Marijuana Cures Cancer?

Cannabis vs. cancer - sunflower meds cancer blog

Marijuana Cures Cancer? More evidence that the compounds present in marijuana can be an important part of a cancer treatment program. Researchers with the University of London at St. George’s said they’ve discovered cannabis extracts containing the key chemical in marijuana — tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC — actually help with brain cancer when combined with another chemical and radio therapy. The

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