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Beginners guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Sunflower Meds ConcentratesCannabis Concentrates are highly potent, super concentrated forms of cannabis and are sold under many different names.  Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Taffy, Sap, Budder, Honey Comb, Oil. All these names can certainly be overwhelming to anyone. Basically, it’s all in reference to the consistency of the product.

There are many variables that produce one consistency or another.

  • Type of solvent used
  • Type of starting material extracted
  • Age of material extracted

Finally, the method of purging will most greatly affect the outcome. Moisture content plays a very large role in consistency, and without the use of a proper vacuum chamber, certain consistencies simply cannot be achieved. The good news is there isn’t really a wrong answer. It’s all your own preference.

My personal preference is a product that I can handle with my hands. I do not like having something so gooey that it can only be touched by your dabbing tool.


Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular names in concentrates:


Similar to ear wax or bee’s wax. Think soft and malleable.


Similar to Wax, crumble is a bit drier and crumbles like dessert streusel


Think thin, slightly soft, peanut brittle (without the peanuts of course). It may bend if held up sideways and not touched, but true shatter should snap clean if quickly bent.


Just like thin, rolled out salt water taffy.


Similar to Taffy, but a bit tackier to the touch.


Similar to Wax. Name is somewhat interchangeable.

Honey Comb

Almost a cross between Crumble and Wax. This is the Bee’s Knee’s. Soft and easy to handle. Almost as airy as a muffin. This consistency is the hardest to properly achieve.


At Sunflower Meds, we carry many different consistencies and the supplies you need to deliver your concentrated medication effectively.  See our Menu for current offerings. Please see one of our experienced Bud-Tenders when you visit our dispensary to learn even more!