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Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program in Danger

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program

Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program in Danger In a new attempt to put Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program in Danger, state legislators are proposing the following: Medical marijuana cards would have to be renewed every six months instead of annually, thus doubling the cost for patients Many of the doctors that can recommend medical marijuana would no longer be permitted by the state

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How To Dab Cannabis Concentrates

Dab Cannabis Concentrates

How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates Concentrates offer the most direct benefits the Cannabis plant has to offer. A number of conditions including cancer and depression respond well to the high THC levels and broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in concentrates.  Here is a great little one-sheet on the equipment, terminology and basic instructions to get you started on how

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10 Reasons Your Grandparents Should Use Pot

Despite the stereotype of marijuana users as burned-out teens munching on Doritos, today, the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is actually baby boomers and senior citizens. This increase of use is for good reason—cannabis has proven itself to be a powerful weapon against the ravages of age. Everything from prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, relief from chronic pain, cancer prevention

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Top 5 benefits of cannabis for HIV/AIDS

Cannabis is effective treatment for AIDS/HIV

Cannabis has been found to be effective in treatment of symptoms from Nausea, Pain, Depression, Neuropathy and Wasting Syndrome.  This makes the herb an especially attractive treatment option for HIV/AIDS.  HIV/AIDS refers to a group of conditions caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Around 35 million people worldwide are infected with the HIV virus, and since the 1980s, AIDS

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Name the Strain Contest

Sunflower Meds Name the Strain, win an Eighth

Name the Strain Contest! WIN A FREE EIGHTH FROM SUNFLOWER MEDS! Our growers have been busy cultivating a new strain and we need help from our fans coming up with the perfect name! Strain Details Imagine a cross between the ever-popular Indica “Granddaddy Purple” and the Sativa dominant/High CBD “Harlequin”. We know you’re gonna love it! Participate! To participate in

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How Medical Marijuana Works

Sunflower Meds Blog - how medical marijuana works

How Medical Marijuana Works Ever wonder how medical marijuana works to treat disease and disorder?  Even if you are new to cannabis, almost everyone has heard of THC. For the more scientifically inclined, this compound is known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol. While THC is only one of dozens of compounds found in cannabis we find that many patients we see in our

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Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates - Sunflower Meds Blog

Beginners guide to Cannabis Concentrates Cannabis Concentrates are highly potent, super concentrated forms of cannabis and are sold under many different names.  Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Taffy, Sap, Budder, Honey Comb, Oil. All these names can certainly be overwhelming to anyone. Basically, it’s all in reference to the consistency of the product. There are many variables that produce one consistency or another. Type of solvent

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Cachexia and Medical Marijuana


Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome Medical Marijuana is approved by the state of Arizona as a treatment option for patients with Wasting Syndrome or Cachexia. Marijuana acts as an appetite stimulant and may be a great addition to your current treatment plan. What Is Wasting Syndrome? Wasting Syndrome is the progressive involuntary weight loss seen in patients with debilitating medical conidtions

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