Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program in Danger

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program

Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program in Danger

In a new attempt to put Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program in Danger, state legislators are proposing the following:

  • Medical marijuana cards would have to be renewed every six months instead of annually, thus doubling the cost for patients
  • Many of the doctors that can recommend medical marijuana would no longer be permitted by the state to do so, thus making it practically impossible for qualifying patients to find a doctor that will recommend medical marijuana
  • The state fee for an Arizona medical marijuana card is $150 and medical marijuana doctor offices typically charge $100 per visit. If HCR2019 passes, patients will have to pay approximately $500 per year for their two cards and two visits to the doctor.

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Also, please contact your local representative today and tell him/her to support you by helping to throw out Rep. Jay Lawrence‘s bill, HCR2019.