Qualifying Conditions

State of Arizona’s Qualifying Conditions List

The State of Arizona provides this list of qualifying conditions* for medical marijuana card eligibility.  To learn more about possible benefits of using cannabis products for treatment, please click on your personal qualifying conditions or visit our dispensary for a personalized consultation.Qualifying Conditions List for AZ Medical Marijuana Card eligibility from Sunflower Meds, AZ licensed dispensary


How Can Medical Marijuana Help You?

Cannabis based medications work by activating the human cannabinoid receptors. There have been numerous trials and studies done around the world with evidence that cannabis can be a helpful part of a patient’s treatment plan for many diseases. It is used to alleviate symptoms, and in many cases, patient may suffer fewer and less severe side effects than when using more traditional medical treatments. The list of qualifying conditions above are the most common conditions that medical marijuana is used to treat.  Good dispensaries provide in-house education and have educated staff to assist you in choosing the right medications for your symptoms.

How Are Medical Cannabis Products Used?

Smoking is the fastest method of consumption.  The effects are felt almost immediately, so this method may be the most popular for it’s ability to control dosage.

Vaporizing is a good alternative to smoking.  The cannabis heats at a lower temperature allowing the active ingredients to evaporate into a vapor which may lower your exposure to any byproducts released in smoking.

Edibles are slower to kick in, and usually deliver a heavier effect. For chronic pain and sleep issues, edibles are very effective and popular. Caution must be taken to watch your recommended dosage carefully! Find tips for ensuring proper dosage and edible safety here

Tinctures & Tonics are added to food or drink, placed in drops sublingually under the tongue.

Topicals are available as balms, lotions, sprays, ointments and salves. They are effective with anti-inflammatory or analgesic results are desired.

Our dispensary staff is trained, and our showroom is stocked to help you go home with the right product and the right delivery method.

Consult a Cannabis Professional

see our list of Qualifying Conditions for AZ Medical Marijuana Card at Sunflower Meds, Phoenix AZ

At Sunflower Meds, the team of professionals on site at our dispensary will consult with you on a one-on-one basis to discuss your qualifying conditions and symptoms to make the best possible recommendation to help you reach your best health results.

*For more complete information on obtaining your own state issued medical marijuana card in the state of Arizona, please visit the AZHD website, or inquire by contacting our dispensary.